K     A     H     R     U     V     E     L


A mysterious grid explorer who was, among other things, responsible for the discovery of the lost city of Nova Albion and the Heterocera Atoll continent. Magellan went missing in June of 2006 and, after a rag tag group of adventurers and explorers began a search for him, appeared on the new continent of Gaeta in April of 2008 and seems to have been involved with the revelation of the Bay City area just west of Nova Albion.

20 October, 2008

Magellan Linden activity was detected in a newly gridded series of regions in the far eastern part of the Mainland, between the hitherto known continents of Corsica and Nautilus. The Lindens have named the new regions “Nautilus City,” possibly because of its proximity to the established continent of Nautilus, and have put it on the fast track toward resident occupation. Land auctions for the new area were announced to commence on 24 October, 2008. Magellan left an (surprisingly) intact suburtahran vessel half-emerged from the north coast of the island, just east of the central interior ring. Although some photos and a reported video segment were left behind, there have been no reported sightings of Magellan in the new area by residents. The mole people, recently recruited by the LDPW, seem to know more than they are telling.

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Name: Magellan Linden

Gender: Male

Race: Human



Explorer for Hire, Void Walker and Gridnaut

Location: (last known)

Nautilus City Landing Site


Second Life IM:
Magellan Linden


The Magellan Linden Chronicles

Maybe smoke signals or a message in a bottle?


Magellan Linden