K     A     H     R     U     V     E     L


Sunday 18 April, 2010

Dear Friends,

The Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust, the land group responsible for the Forest of Kahruvel, is going through some changes that will have a profound effect on its’ future, the future of the forest and, indeed, the future of the world it calls home.

The Trust has decided to scale back its’ land tier expenses to fund research and development into temporal teleportation. Finding out what happened during the recent Rodeo Incident is just one small part of our efforts. The main goal is to return to this world’s past and do everything in our power to prevent the Great Erase. Bits and pieces from before the Erase have been discovered in present day, but the majority of the world and its’ people were lost over 40 years ago when that terrible event destroyed the world known as “Urtahra.”

Originally the plan was to reduce tier expenses rather quickly, within just a few days, before our next billing date. But after the passionate response we received from group members, region neighbors and interested individuals, the Trust has decided to tier down more gradually over the next few months to allow those folks (and any other interested parties) to make preparations to help in whatever way they wish. We won’t be releasing any tahra to Governor Linden at this time. Any tahra not retained by the Trust will be sold directly to individuals looking for a homestead near the Forest of Kahruvel.

A HUGE thank you to all the folks who have contacted me so far regarding the situation with Kahruvel and its’ future. As of today, the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust has ballooned to just over 60,000 sq. m. of donated group tier (in addition to the tier the Trust currently provides). We have also received approx. L$37,630 to help with Trust expenses from the group as well as interested parties from outside.

Our immediate need is to continue to reduce the amount of mainland tier for which the Trust is directly responsible. The Trust has been sponsoring 5 full mainland regions since 2005, most of which went toward the Forest of Kahruvel area throughout the Cowell, Stinson, Rodeo, Noyo, Davenport, Bodega and Bolinas regions on the mainland continent of Sansara. The Trust needs to ultimately reduce their commitment to just 1/2 a mainland region. We’ve managed to drop down one full region, mostly as a result of Champie Jack taking over the Phobos area and Neal Lyle taking control of the Trusts’ Palomarian tahra. (Phobos was the place where the village of Alfendale vanished just prior to the Great Erase.) Currently the Trust is at four full mainland regions. We hope to reduce the Trust’s tier commitment at least an additional two full regions by May 13th and another region and a half by June 13th. Leaving us at 1/2 a mainland region.

We will be using that extra time to map out a long term plan that allows for what remains of Kahruvel to continue its’ existence in this world as folks see fit. The more tier donations we can procure, the more that Kahruvel will remain in its’ current condition. Donations of Lindens can be used to pay tier and are also welcome. Ultimately, we hope to retain Cowell, Stinson and Rodeo as they exist, preserving the heart of Kahruvel and the Cowell Village. If possible, we’d like to also retain the northern parts of Noyo, Davenport and Bodega to keep the KAHRUV  L sky letters on the Main Map. To reduce land tier and raise funds, we will soon begin to put up parcels for sale in Bolinas, Myrtle, Southern Bodega, Southern Davenport and Southern Noyo. Please contact me if you have questions.

A heartfelt thank you from the officers of the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust! We are truly excited at what the past holds for us.

Salazar Jack

The Lighthouse

Cowell (115, 29)

The Forest of Kahruvel


Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust:
Our Plans For The Future Are In The Past


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