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Submitted by Salazar Jack, 18 April, 2010

INCIDENT TIMEFRAME: March 30 - April 3, 2010

Something happened in the Rodeo region between March 30th and early April 3rd that caused a sudden massive erasure in the heart of Kahruvel. Initial news of the event was reported by Trust group members Neal Lyle and HeadBurro Antfarm on April 3rd. Most of the ruins, relics and artifacts discovered in the region over the years vanished, along with much of the vegetation and many of the trees. Strangely a few odds and ends remained. The officers of the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust began a full investigation into the matter and retained the services of Nova Albion private detective, Edward Manray.

The incident spurred on Salazar Jack and his great grandmother, Cessadia Thetan, to continue with research into temporal teleportation they had begun long ago in the City State of New Babbage.

A trouble ticket was submitted by Salazar Jack to the Lab’s concierge service on April 4th, 2010 and was closed by him on April 9th. The Lab has a policy of not rolling back mainland regions and, as their records indicate that “...the removal of objects may have been caused (accidentally?) by a resident who had the access to do so,” they decided to not temporally reset the region back. The result is that most of the original ancient artifacts and ruins located in that region seem to have vanished for good. None of the objects have been returned to any of the object owners’ Lost & Found folders so far.

Photo by Salazar Jack taken Sunday April 18th, 2010

The existing fauna were spared and the remaining flora has begun to re-establish itself throughout the region. Vegetation from neighboring Stinson, Cowell and Noyo has started to cross over into Rodeo. The remaining trees and plants in Rodeo have begun to replenish and take root as well.

Many questions remain.

Were the missing items de-rezzed by a mole?

Stolen as Nish Mip has theorized? (See sidebar.)

Victims of a particularly severe void flare?

Or have they simply been displaced in time and/or space?

The Trust has stated its’ intent to find out what happened to them and retrieve them if possible.

If you have any information regarding the disturbance, please contact Salazar Jack or Edward Manray with the details. Alternately you can drop a notecard with your thoughts, theories and or personal stories with regards to Kahruvel into the red drop box near the old Landing Stones site.

This article will be updated as new information develops and as the Trust’s investigation continues.


Rodeo Incident


“I wonder could this be a form of content thievery Older artifacts /relics from pre grid days are no doubt becoming a lucrative market there are people out their willing to pay a tidy sum for early primage goods. You sit between road and water here  so an easy getaway is possible. That some pieces have been left would indicate they may of been disturbed so somebody may of seen or heard something. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any suspicious trading on xstreet but this sort of stuff would probably be sold direct to a  private collector.”


From Salazar Jack’s blog

Rodeo Tower Suddenly Returns

Rodeo Tower Disappears Again...


One of the missing relics, the Rodeo Obelisk, had a plaque with strange writing on it’s exposed face. Here is the complete text of the translation:

here in this place

three races begin

a quest for peace

to seek understanding

to quiet the war cry

we shall live together

we shall teach each other

we shall till urtahra

with ox and horse

as brothers and sisters

three joined as one

adze pick and oar

one stronger than three

islefen stonahra

and di ingue baughts

The translation was compiled in the latter part of 2004 separately by Chromal Broadsky, Alexander Dague and Champie Jack.

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