K     A     H     R     U     V     E     L


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(See “Our Plans For The Future Are In The Past”)


To protect what remains of the great forest that used to stretch from present day Abbotts to Bolinas and south to Mavericks, to replant as much of the old forest as possible and to preserve for study any ruins or artifacts found there.


Phyneas Jack, 124 B.E.* - 11 B.E.

The trust is named in honor of Phyneas Jack, Salazar Jack’s great grandfather, who was instrumental in preserving the last remnants of the great forest that existed in the Rodeo/Stinson/Cowell/Noyo region prior to the Great Erase.

Phyneas Jack was born in 124 B.E. and settled with his wife, Marasta, in the area now known as Pomponio. They built their home by a small protected harbor on the southwest coast.

Phyneas was a passionate naturalist and environmentalist his entire life, all the way up until his death in 11 B.E. He was very protective of the ancient forest that covered most of the islands south of present day Immaculate. When Abbots Aerodrome was first proposed, he led an unsuccessful rally to prevent its construction, hoping to preserve the pristine landscape that he loved.

The Forest of Kahruvel is all that is left of that once great evergreen expanse. Phyneas spent many of his later years studying the ruins there with his grandson, Mohses. After his death, Mohses and his wife, Valdora, continued to care for the forest and Phyneas’ lookout on top of the cliff overlooking what is now called Rodeo Bay.


Valdora and her family returned to this world in February of 2004, after escaping the Great Erase almost 40 years ago. When they arrived where the forest had once stood, they found it a barren wasteland. After many years of land acquisition, planting and rebuilding, it has begun to look like its old self again. Still, there is much work to be done.

Update 18 April 2010 - The Rodeo Incident >> MORE INFO <<

The trust is currently led by Salazar Jack of Cowell, his parents Valdora and Adam Grayson of Grignano, Nova Albion, and his great grandmother, Cessadia Thetan of Cowell. For more information IM Salazar Jack or Valdora Grayson.

*Dates ending with "B.E." (Before Erase) are derived from the time the Great Erase occurred as it corresponds to Earth’s Gregorian calendar. The Great Erase occurred in approximately 1969.


Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust

The officers of the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust discuss the before, the now and the future of Kahruvel. From L to R: Fraunklin and Elsia Baysklef, Adam and Valdora Grayson, Salazar Jack and Cessadia Thetan

The Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust, the land group responsible for the Forest of Kahruvel, is going through some changes that will have a profound effect on its future, the future of the forest and, indeed, the future of the world it calls home.

The world is changed: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the tahra, I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for few now live who remember it.