Vivian Kendall “Osprey Therian” 1953-2013

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It is with deep regret that we acknowledge the passing of Vivian Kendall, one of Kahruvel’s greatest supporters. Vivian, the creator behind the Second Life® avatar “Osprey Therian,” passed away early Monday morning, December 9th of 2013, from her battle with multiple sclerosis and cancer.

A memorial gathering to celebrate her life will be held on Saturday, December 14, 2013
at 10:00 am SLT in the Bodega region of the Second Life Mainland.

The gathering will begin with a welcome introduction and brief summary of Vivian’s Real World life and Second Life history. Next, some time for others to publicly express remembrances and chat with each other. Then, at approx. 10:45 or so, a donning of Osprey’s Moth Wings and mass flight up to the Iris Infohub.

Osprey’s physical life counterpart or “meat puppet” (to which she liked to refer), passed away in her sleep early on Monday morning, December 9th. She had lived with multiple sclerosis for about 25 years, had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and (according to a recent post she made at http://www.atomic-raygun.com/2013/11/having-difficult-time.html ) was juggling a third malady. She was fiercely independent and managed to live by herself, with the support of many caring and supportive friends, in her little home by a little lake in the middle of a big forest in Washington State.

Since her avatar’s creation on July 6, 2004, she created numerous items, held regular events, produced countless machinima videos and was involved in various role play activities in Second Life including:

Introduction from 2007 in her own words

“The Show Must Go On”

Combat Cards

• Designed, built, and maintained the Ambat Infohub during the age of resident-built Infohubs

• Role play in the ongoing story of the Forest of Kahruvel as well as the search for Magellan Linden

Photography Studio contests

• Created clothing and accessories for DarkLife role play

A prolific creative force in both the physical and virtual worlds, Vivian’s legacy will live on and continue to touch and enchant souls as they encounter her creations in this world and others.

Vivian wanted her avatar, Osprey Therian, to continue on as a fictional character in stories and interactive experiences in virtual worlds, much like the role Magellan Linden plays for Second Life. Plans are in motion to fulfill her wishes. The last SL-related Tweet she sent illustrates her playful nature to the very end.

Osprey’s Second Life profile has been updated to reflect Vivian’s passing and the avatar changes. A new Twitter account, @ospreytherian, has been created for the now fictional Osprey Therian character.

You can submit a personal remembrance by messaging Justin Esparza at my.secondlife.com or by sending an instant message or notecard to Justin Esparza in Second Life and it will be added permanently to the bottom of this page.

To celebrate the transition of Osprey’s new role, she will be going through the unstable portal in the Rodeo region on Sunday, December 15, at 10:00am SLT to help find Salazar Jack. All roleplay friends and cohorts are welcome to attend, assist with the sendoff, or follow her through.